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Effective Grading Formats for Team Assignments: An Alternate Approach
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Jun 30, 2023 7:55 AM

Effective Grading Formats for Team Assignments: An Alternate Approach

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Microsoft is enhancing Assignments and Grades with customization features to support a variety of grading schemes, rollout by August 2023.

A new feature is being developed for Assignments and Grades which allows educators to use a variety of grading schemes in Teams. While the current system supports grading through points and rubrics, this update caters to schools that use different or non-point-based systems. It will enable users to map customizable grading schemes for each class, with the capacity for multiple schemes per class. This feature rollout is anticipated to begin around August 2023.
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More News from Microsoft to ISTELive 23

ISTELive 23, the International Society for Technology in Education's annual conference, has concluded after four days of discussions, workshops, and announcements focusing on the integration of technology in education. This year, artificial intelligence (AI) was a significant topic, with educators and industry professionals exploring how this technology can transform learning experiences.

Key highlights include:

  1. AI Course for Educators: Microsoft announced a new course titled "Empower educators to explore the potential of artificial intelligence." About 200 people attended live sessions and completed the course at ISTELive 23.

  2. AI Skills Initiative: Microsoft unveiled an initiative to boost AI skills worldwide. It includes free coursework developed with LinkedIn, a global challenge in coordination with to discover new ways of training workers on generative AI, and increased access to free digital learning events and resources.

  3. Microsoft and New York City Schools Collaboration: Microsoft has been working with New York City Public Schools to develop generative AI tools that can be safely and innovatively used in education.

  4. PowerSchool and Kahoot! Collaborations: These involve the use of Azure OpenAI Service to enable AI-powered experiences. PowerSchool aims to provide personalized learning pathways, while Kahoot! is integrating generative AI into their product suite.

  5. AI-powered Reading Progress Updates: Several new features are being introduced, such as reading with expression, passage generation, and comprehension question generation, aimed at enhancing learning experiences.

ISTELive 23 also saw announcements of a partnership with CDW, updates in Microsoft Teams, and the introduction of Viva Connections for education. CDW will customize their existing Microsoft services to provide education-specific consultation, support, and training. Microsoft Teams updates aim to help teachers organize their assignments and resources better, and Viva Connections for Education will serve as a digital home that centralizes resources students need.

Several sessions stood out, including "Unlocking AI’s potential: Transform learning experiences and prepare for the future" and "The future of learning with Microsoft Flip," which drew much attention and discussion.