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Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update - 16th June 2023
Azure Weekly Update
Jun 16, 2023 12:55 PM

Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update - 16th June 2023

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Lots of updates and showing my fathers day present :D

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Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update is a quick summary of the news and updates for Azure Infrastructure from the past week. This update is produced by Microsoft and includes the latest news and updates to the Azure platform. It includes topics such as Azure Resource Manager, Azure Networking, Azure Security, Azure Storage, Azure Compute, and more. This update provides a comprehensive overview of the latest changes and enhancements to the Azure platform and provides a valuable resource for those looking to stay up-to-date with the latest Azure news and updates.

  1. Red Hat OpenShift new VM SKU: Red Hat OpenShift is expanding its offering by introducing a new Virtual Machine SKU. This SKU will enable users to use more tailored resources for their OpenShift clusters, improving both performance and cost-efficiency.

  2. AVS Stretched Cluster CMK: Azure VMware Solution (AVS) now supports Customer Managed Keys (CMK) for stretched clusters. This provides additional security measures as customers can maintain complete control over their encryption keys.

  3. Azure Functions ADX and Redis: Azure Functions has enhanced its integration with Azure Data Explorer (ADX) and Azure Cache for Redis. This provides better performance and enables developers to build even more efficient serverless applications.

  4. AVD Custom Image Templates: Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) now allows for the creation of custom image templates. This feature gives users the ability to create and manage their own unique virtual machine images, streamlining the setup process for new virtual desktops.

  5. AVD Confidential VM Support: Azure Virtual Desktop now provides support for Confidential VMs, allowing users to run their virtual desktops on hardware-based, isolated environments, significantly enhancing data privacy and security.

  6. Enhanced AKS Release Tracker: The Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) release tracker has been enhanced, now providing more detailed information about each release, its features, bug fixes, and known issues.

  7. App Service .NET 8: Azure App Service has announced support for .NET 8, the latest version of Microsoft's open-source framework. This offers developers the latest tools and features to build and host robust applications.

  8. NGads Series and New HPC SKUs: Azure has introduced new GPU-accelerated NGads series VMs and High-Performance Computing (HPC) SKUs to deliver improved performance for compute-intensive workloads.

  9. AFD Upgrade/Downgrade: Azure Front Door (AFD) now allows users to seamlessly upgrade or downgrade their service plans without any interruption to their service.

  10. AFD Managed Identity: Azure Front Door has introduced managed identities. This helps in reducing the management overhead of handling service principals and aids in better identity management.

  11. ZRS Managed Disk New Regions: Zone-redundant storage (ZRS) for managed disks is now available in additional regions, providing higher availability and resilience.

  12. ANF AZ Enhanced Population: Azure NetApp Files (ANF) has enhanced the population of Availability Zones (AZ), improving the availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

  13. PostgreSQL Flexible Updates: Azure's PostgreSQL service now offers flexible updates, allowing for more control over the timing and impact of updates.

  14. Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL Pgvector: Azure Cosmos DB now offers the Pgvector extension for the PostgreSQL API, enabling more efficient vector computations.

  15. MySQL Flexible HA Read Replicas: Azure's MySQL service now provides the flexibility to create read replicas in a High Availability (HA) setup, allowing for better performance and load balancing.

  16. Cosmos DB to ADX ingestion: Direct data ingestion from Azure Cosmos DB to Azure Data Explorer (ADX) is now supported, streamlining the data analysis workflow.

  17. Cosmos DB Vercel Integration: Cosmos DB now integrates with Vercel, a popular serverless deployment and hosting platform, providing developers with more tools for building applications.

  18. MySQL Azure Data Studio Extension: A new extension for Azure Data Studio has been released, offering improved support for MySQL databases.

  19. MySQL Online Migrations: Azure Database for MySQL now supports online migrations, minimizing the downtime during the migration process.

  20. Azure Load Testing Updates: Azure has announced updates to its

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