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2023 Comprehensive Tutorial: PowerPoint Add-in Guide
Apr 8, 2023 8:00 AM

2023 Comprehensive Tutorial: PowerPoint Add-in Guide

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Become a Pro with PowerPoint Add-in 2023: Exclusive Microsoft Expert Guide, a platform that simplifies the design process for presentations, has launched a new add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. The new add-in provides users with’s Smart Slide technology, customizable smart slides, locked-in fonts and colors, and an extensive image and media library to create consistently beautiful and on-brand presentations at lightning speed. The add-in allows users to work within the PowerPoint platform, without ever having to leave it, and enhances PowerPoint’s existing features, making it “PowerPoint, but better.” The new add-in is ideal for users who are bound to Microsoft’s suite of software, PowerPoint enthusiasts, or those who are not familiar with The tool is designed to help users combat presentation blockers and create better presentations without compromising their workflow or losing proprietary corporate files.

The Beautiful AI PowerPoint Add-in (2023) is a powerful tool that enables you to create stunning visuals for your presentations. It offers a wide range of features that enable you to quickly and easily create beautiful slides. Some of its features include the ability to create charts and graphs with real-time data, use premade templates to quickly create visuals, and add animations to enhance the presentation. It also allows you to customize visuals to match your existing slides, and quickly upload visuals to the cloud for easy sharing.

In this Video

00:00 Introduction

00:13 Create a account

00:24 Getting the Add-in

00:49 panel

01:15 Add a smart slide

01:21 Selecting theme colors and fonts

01:49 Using your custom or brand color scheme

02:09 Choosing a Smart Slide layout

02:20 Editing within

02:35 Using the DesignerBot

02:43 Adding to PowerPoint slide deck

03:37 Using DesignerBot to create a slide

03:16 Editing slide content within PowerPoint

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Import a ppt with your branded theme, and save the theme to use next time you create a presentation—with all of your fonts and colors already in place.