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Canvas powered side panes in model-driven apps
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Model-Driven App
Sep 16, 2023 6:00 PM

Canvas powered side panes in model-driven apps

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Model-Driven App

Typically model-driven apps are comprised of tables, forms and views, and possibly business process flows, and PCFs. I less commonly see the use of things like

Model-driven apps often consist of tables, forms, views, possibly business process flows, and PCFs. Less commonly used are pop up dialog's and side panes, both of which are potential features for model-driven apps. One such feature is the Canvas powered side panes. These side panes add a more dynamic and interactive layer to model-driven apps, enhancing user experience. However, details about this topic are limited in this given context.

  • Model-driven apps usually include tables, forms and views.
  • They may also include business process flows and PCFs.
  • Pop up dialog's and side panes are less commonly used features.
  • The Canvas powered side panes is a feature that can be used in model-driven apps.

More About Model-Driven Apps

Model-driven apps offer a design method which is component focused rather than code heavy. They take the model of your data driven by the components you need such as forms and views and create an app. The less common features like pop up dialog's and side-panes offer more options for interactivity and engagement. Canvas powered side panes, for example, add a new dimension to these apps by providing a more dynamic, interactive avenue for functionality. This enhances usability and overall user experience.

Further Details on Canvas Powered Side Panes

Canvas powered side panes are a feature that increase the interactivity and overall user experience of model-driven apps. With its flexible design and easy-to-use interface, it enables developers to create a more inclusive and responsive app. Despite the fact that these are less common features, incorporating them can add more depth and functionality to the app, making it more efficient and interactive for users.


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Learn about Canvas powered side panes in model-driven apps

The main topic that you should learn about is the use of canvas powered side panes in model-driven apps. Typically, these apps are composed of tables, forms, views, potentially business process flows, and PCFs. However, less commonly used features such as pop-up dialogs and side panes also exist. The author has recently blogged about this topic in more detail on their webpage.


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