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Unlocking Tech Diversity: Exploring Mixed Reality & Metaverse
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Sep 15, 2022 6:00 AM

Unlocking Tech Diversity: Exploring Mixed Reality & Metaverse

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Explore Mixed Reality and Metaverse with Microsoft Expert Zaid Zaim in his tech diversity workshop, Jump into MR!

Exploring Diversity in Tech: Mixed Reality and Metaverse

A workshop named "Jump into MR!" led by Zaid Zaim, a Mixed Reality MVP from Germany, deeply delved into the exciting arenas of Mixed Reality and Metaverse. This interactive session was aimed at migrants and disenfranchised locals and was brought into reality with the help of ReDI School of Digital Integration, a non-profit tech school. Initiated by Angela Bickmore and Birgit Köbl, the workshop was a part of the "She‘s ReDI" endeavour that sought to enable women to forge a footprint in the tech world.

The workshop "Jump into MR!" was an amalgamation of various segments including inspiration, learning, and experiential activities. With technology-driven sessions and hands-on learning, accompanied by an opportunity to play with headset technologies, attendees found a unique blend of learning and exploration. Serving as a powerful mode to bring together the tech community, the event also opened doors to potential networking opportunities.

Zaim reflected on the event stating, "Not only did we empower women in the tech field through this workshop, but we also sparked their enthusiasm about MR and Metaverse". The astonishing lessons, passion, and inspiration drawn from the event were also highlighted by Birgit Köbl from ReDI School. For more information about the Developer Tools used, visit here.

Fostering Diversity Within the Tech Industry

The workshop also served as a one-of-a-kind platform to talk about diversity in tech. Mixed Reality MVP Christian Glessner stressed the importance of having more females in the sector and encouraging diversity across various cultures. He noted that diverse ideas and experiences can pave the way for unique, inclusive solutions, laying a strong emphasis on diverse industry reflecting its global user base.

Christian also shared his vision about the importance of staying human in a rapidly evolving tech world. As technology advances, our ability to connect, empathize, and cultivate meaningful relationships will acquire a great value.

The event received an overwhelmingly positive response from the attendees, who cherished the invaluable insight into the Mixed Reality domain and other relevant IT arenas for their profession. Many expressed their eagerness to understand and engage more in these future technologies.

Inspiring a New Generation

Pouneh Kaufman from Microsoft and Mariano Mailos – experts in Mesh Immersive Experiences and Mixed Reality & IoT respectively – shared their personal journey in tech and conveyed how significant it is to have women actively participate in shaping up this field.

Zaid and Christian, with their excitement and commitment, will prove instrumental for those ready to embark on their tech journey. They emphasize the significance of community work and the power of sharing passion and inspiring others in the tech industry. The workshop served as a beacon to those hesitant to take the first step into the tech industry.

It underlines the importance of sharing technical expertise and experiences to inspire future leaders and contribute to a diverse tech industry. In doing so, they are aiding in building a better society by ushering more varied individuals into the tech realm.

In Conclusion

Events like "Jump into MR!" greatly contribute towards fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. They facilitate shared learning experiences, spark interest in the latest technologies, and ultimately empower more individuals to expand their horizons and enter the tech industry. Furthermore, they present a platform where experts can share their insights and experiences, ensuring the tech industry continues to reflect its global, diverse user base.

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Developer Tools - Unlocking Tech Diversity: Exploring Mixed Reality & Metaverse

Learn about Exploring Diversity in Tech: Mixed Reality and Metaverse

The realm of technology is vast and diversified, spanning from Prospective Software into Metaverse. One such field that has gained immense popularity is Mixed Reality (MR), a unique blend of the real and virtual world, creating experiences that have opened up new possibilities. With the increased focus on MR and the metaverse, learning and development in this area have become essential.

In Germany, Mixed Reality MVP, Zaid Zaim co-created an event titled "Jump into MR!", intending to shed more light on MR and metaverse. This event was designed in alliance with ReDI School of Digital Integration, a tech school that provides tech education free of cost, targeting marginalized locals and immigrants.

The event was segmented into three parts, focusing on inspirations, learning, and hands-on experiences. The interactive booths provided attendees the opportunity to touch and play with the headset technology. By the end of the event, the attendees had the chance to network and learn more about this fascinating technology.

Another essential aspect that was covered during the event was diversity in the technology industry. Christian Glessner, another speaker at the event, focused on the significance of varied perspectives, inviting more women into tech, and fostering diversity throughout various cultures. He highlighted that a diverse tech industry could cater to a wider range of needs and preferences, reflecting the global user base.

Christian also mentioned AI technology, emphasizing its future implications. He encouraged attendees to focus on human aspects like empathy, community, and the ability to foster meaningful relationships, which are aspects that will become progressively important in our tech-driven world.

Participants shared their positive experiences at the event, providing insights into how the workshop has opened doors for their career paths in technology.

  • “The speakers were great, I met new people, special thanks to the organizer for making everything go smoothly. Thanks to this event, I learned more about Mixed Reality and became interested in it, especially working.”
  • “I got first insight into MR and how to start with it.”
  • “People around were helpful and nice. It was useful to attend, for sure.

Industry professionals like Pouneh Kaufman, Group Product Manager for Mesh Immersive Experiences at Microsoft and Mariano Mailos, Immersive Experience & IoT market officer at Microsoft, also joined the event. They shared insights about their journey into Tech, the impact, and momentum happening in Mixed Reality and Metaverse, highlighting the crucial importance of having women actively participate in this field.

Getting involved in the local and global Tech & Developer communities could provide massive learning opportunities and career development. MVPs like Zaid and Christian have shown dedicated support for those who are stepping into the tech industry. Their passion, expert knowledge showcase how you can make valuable contributions to the tech industry, fostering a more diverse, inclusive environment.

If you know someone interested in technology but is juggling to take the first step, encourage them to dive in, and participate in such events. Sharing your technical knowledge and experiences, just like Zaid and Christian, can make a significant difference and impact future leaders in the technology industry.

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