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Latest Upgrades in Modern App Designer: Key Improvements Explained
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Apr 27, 2023 10:00 AM

Latest Upgrades in Modern App Designer: Key Improvements Explained

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The Modern App Designer has received significant improvements based on feedback from users since its release in May 2022. The app navigation is now the default panel in the designer, allowing for efficient editing of the sitemap. The Pages panel has a restructured hierarchy to better align with users’ mental models, and component designers now open within the app designer for easier editing. Additionally, a new default panel called “Pages” has been created, which combines the previous Pages and Navigation panels. It contains two sections:

Navigation and All other pages. The Navigation section shows the app navigation, while the All other pages section contains pages that are in the app but not part of the app navigation. The hierarchy of forms and views in the Pages panel has also been restructured to correctly reflect mental models and coauthoring personas. Users can easily move pages to and from Navigation without having to remove and re-add them.

✅ A newly improved maker navigation

✅ Component designers now open within the Modern App Designer

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