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Master Data Cleaning in Excel in 9 Minutes - The RIGHT Way!
Jul 18, 2023 6:00 PM

Master Data Cleaning in Excel in 9 Minutes - The RIGHT Way!

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Change your life with this data cleaning tool built into Excel that most users don't know. It's easy to use and fast to learn. No programming required.

Mastering data cleaning with Excel calls for the use of a powerful ETL tool known as Power Query. This highly efficient tool streamlines and automates the process of data gathering and cleaning, making your tasks reusable and potentially reducing the time spent on data manipulation by up to 99%. Power Query features in both Excel and Power BI, thus the skills are easily transferrable.

Power Query stands out as an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool that simplifies repetitive data gathering and cleaning. It gives users the ability to create reusable queries capable of extracting and cleaning data with just a single click. Power Query supports numerous data sources such as Excel, Text files, CSV files, Webpages, various Databases, Pictures, PDFs, and SharePoint/OneDrive.

To harness Power Query, you first need to get your data. You can do this through the 'Get Data' feature found on the data tab of the ribbon, or by using the shortcut icons. Once you execute this command, Power Query will display up to the first 999 rows of your data, readily available for transformations and further manipulations.

A Deeper Dive into Power Query

Power Query brings an innovative approach to data analysis by adding versatility and repeatability to data gathering and cleaning. It's more like a programming language – you can manipulate data and carry out calculations just as you would in a traditional programming environment, but still within your familiar Excel or Power BI interface.

Yet, learning and mastering Power Query doesn't require advanced programming expertise. Its design and functionality are already geared toward simplifying your data manipulation tasks to a level that even a non-technical user can comfortably handle. Mastering Power Query is a great skill for any data analyst, business intelligence analyst, financial analyst, or anyone else working heavily with data.

Learn about Master Data Cleaning in Excel in 9 Minutes - The RIGHT Way!

The main topic of this text is Master Data Cleaning in Excel using Power Query. Power Query is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool which automates the process of gathering and cleaning data. To use Power Query, users need to first get the data they want using the 'Get Data' menu on the Data tab of the ribbon. It can extract data from various sources such as Excel, Text, CSV files, web pages, databases, pictures, PDFs, and SharePoint/OneDrive. After that, the user can transform the data to fit their needs by using the Power Query Editor. This editor allows users to manipulate the data fields, add new columns, split columns, filter data, and apply transformations to the data. Finally, the data can be loaded into Excel or Power BI. Power Query can potentially reduce the time spent on gathering and cleaning data by up to 99%, and the skills are transferable between Excel and Power BI.

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