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Latest Updates on Windows 365 App & Management Features
Oct 19, 2022 12:00 AM

Latest Updates on Windows 365 App & Management Features

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Unlock Latest Windows 365 App Management Features with a Microsoft Expert!

Find out what’s new and what’s coming in Windows 365, if you're using it or administering the service for your organization, including the new Windows 365 Desktop App to access Cloud PCs, more comprehensive IT management, and new integration with Citrix HDX+ for Windows 365.

Scott Manchester, lead engineer on the Windows 365 team at Microsoft, walks through the new Windows 365 app, in preview, along with all of the updates. There are new controls for Cloud PC backup and restore as well as new monitoring capabilities coming in Microsoft Intune to discover Cloud PCs with slow networking connection speeds and troubleshoot. You will also be able to detect underutilized Cloud PCs and have the ability to upsize or downsize them to match demand. Jeremy Chapman then shows new integration coming with Citrix HDX+ for Windows 365 to easily connect the services, an early look of defining and enforcing Citrix policies from within Intune, and how you can use the Citrix Workspace app to access your Windows 365 Cloud PCs along with the familiar Citrix HDX user experience.

And watch till the end to see the updates for Windows 365 Business Edition, including how you can use a Microsoft account like for secure login, and new integration coming to enroll Business Edition Cloud PCs easily into Intune for management.

In this Video

00:00 What's new and what's coming for Windows 365

01:35 New Windows 365 app, now in preview

04:24 New and upcoming management controls for Windows 365 in Intune

08:45 What's coming with Citrix HDX+ for Windows 365

10:41 Updates for Government Community Cloud and shift workers for Windows 365

11:16 What's new for Windows 365 Business Edition