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Slicers vs. Slicer Pane vs. Filter Pane! Which is faster?
Aug 26, 2022 12:00 AM

Slicers vs. Slicer Pane vs. Filter Pane! Which is faster?

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You have different options in Power BI when it comes to slicers and filters.

Just put the slicer on the report, use a slicer panel or have them in the filter pane. But which one is faster??? Patrick explores a few scenarios to think about!

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Slicers and filters in Power BI may look like they do the exact same thing, and in many cases, they can accomplish the same task, but understanding the subtle differences between the two can bring your dashboards to the next level, especially if you are sharing them.

What Are the Differences Between a Power BI Slicer and a Filter?

Hi Everyone! In this blog post, I am going to talk more about the differences between a Power BI slicer and a filter. Before reading what I have to say in this post, I hope you had a chance to see the other posts on Enhansoft’s blog site about the different types of slicers and filters

Difference Between Slicer & Filter in Power BI

At the most basic level of formatting, the distinction between filters and slicers is obvious. You can use traditional controls like the checkbox or complex date slicers like the relative slicer. It enables you to specify a specific range of days, such as today or yesterday, current or previous year, etc., without having to specify a specific range of days.