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Short Intro into SharePoint Syntex
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Sep 7, 2022 6:49 AM

Short Intro into SharePoint Syntex

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Today we will learn how to deploy a SharePoint Syntex Model on a SharePoint library in different ways.

Especially, when you want to automatically deploy it on a SharePoint library, e.g. for each new project or department site, it can get a bit more complex to automate everything. Unfortunately, currently it’s not possible to deploy it using a SharePoint site template, but I will show you all other ways how to deploy it.

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SharePoint Syntex (Microsoft)

SharePoint Syntex uses AI to organize and manage content, optimize search and compliance, to automate and improve your most critical business processes.

Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint Syntex (Microsoft)

The resources in this section help you learn more about the methods of data classification and extraction used by SharePoint Syntex. There are two custom model types—document understanding and form processing—and a prebuilt model type.