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Read & Write SharePoint Image Column in Power Apps | Patch to Related List of Images
Oct 9, 2022 12:00 AM

Read & Write SharePoint Image Column in Power Apps | Patch to Related List of Images

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Power Apps Tutorial video introducing the new feature where PowerApps now supports SharePoint list Image columns for both read and write scenarios.

You can now create a Power App to read, create, update and delete SharePoint column images directly in a Power App.  You can also choose to get either the full version of the image or various thumbnail sizes:  Small, Medium, and Large.  Use specific thumbnail sizes for optimal performance. For example, use Small for a gallery or Medium for a form.  Large images might be used for detailed inspection.

We can leverage both the Form Control & Patch function techniques in Power Apps to perform CRUD operations on the SharePoint Image Column.

I will showcase how to use the Add Picture Control, Camera control & the Pen Input (Signature) control to add or update data in SharePoint Image column directly from Power Apps.

I will also showcase a technique in which we can associate a related list of Images (Image Column) and achieve scenarios like Image tagging, versioning, etc.

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Table of Contents:

00:00 - Introduction to SharePoint Image column in Power Apps

00:36 - Image Column in SharePoint List

01:56 - Image Column Thumbnail Sizes

02:39 - New Power Apps feature to Write (Add/Update) SharePoint Image Column

03:51 - Use Multiple Image Columns in Power Apps

05:05 - Reset Image Column in Power Apps Form control

05:47 - Delete (clear) SharePoint Image Column data in PowerApps

07:46 - Patch function for SharePoint Image Column

11:12 - Save Picture from Power Apps Camera Control to Image Column in SharePoint

12:32 - Related SharePoint List of Images (Image Control, Tag Images in Power Apps)

20:19 - Save Pen Input (Signature) from Power Apps to Image Column in SharePoint

22:26 - Subscribe to Reza Dorrani channel