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Licensing - Why CSP is better than EA
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Mar 15, 2023 11:01 AM

Licensing - Why CSP is better than EA

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Enterprise agreements (EA) have for a long time been the norm for licensing Microsoft products for larger organizations.

“Why I think CSP (Cloud Service Provider) is better than EA (Enterprise agreement) for many customers working with Microsoft . What are your experiences of these two agreement types? What do you prefer? #cloud #licensing

The article discusses the benefits of using a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) instead of an Enterprise Agreement (EA) when licensing Microsoft products for larger organizations. While EAs require a commitment to a specific amount of licenses for a period of time, CSPs allow for more flexibility and can reduce costs for additional licenses.

Additionally, as businesses change and grow, CSPs are better equipped to adapt to changing licensing needs, whereas EAs may hinder business growth. The article emphasizes the importance of integrating data between systems and consolidating processes into platforms like Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, which can increase usage and require additional licenses. While CSPs may seem more expensive at first, they offer greater flexibility and can better accommodate evolving business needs.

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