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Visio Stencils – For the Azure Solution Architect
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Sep 2, 2022 9:59 AM

Visio Stencils – For the Azure Solution Architect

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I feel like I’ve mentioned this collateral to loads of people, but only recently releaised that I’ve never actually blogged about it! So, just a quick post to help anyone that likes Visio and drawing pictures.

In short, my brains works best with pictures. I like drawing architecture diagrams and can represent almost anything visually when dealing with complex technical topics. Try me

That said, a while ago I set about collecting/creating/borrowing all the images, icons and logos that I use on a daily basis. Then, for drawing Microsoft Visio is my go-to tool. I’ve therefore organised everything into a series of Visio Stencil files that can be shared and used yourself via your local ‘My Shapes’ directory.

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Git-Repo for Visio Stencils