XrmToolBox : New Tool Library
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Feb 1, 2023 3:34 PM

XrmToolBox : New Tool Library

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I'm happy to release a new version of XrmToolBox! This version includes a brand new Tool Library which should be more user friendly.

XrmToolBox is a free, open-source library of tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its predecessors. It provides an easy way to access dozens of powerful third-party solutions for managing and customizing your Dynamics CRM environment.

The tool library includes solutions from both commercial developers as well as the community, offering a wide range of features such as reporting, data import/export, customization management, debugging assistance and more. XrmToolBox makes it easier than ever to find the right tool for any task in Dynamics CRM — saving users time and money while allowing them to focus on what matters most: delivering great customer experiences.

What’s new?

But first things first! This new Tool Library opens in a tab and not in a dialog window which allows you to keep it open if required while working with your favorite tools.

It shows the list of tools with logo, title, description and some pictures to indicates if the tool is open source, has been developed by a MVP, is a top rated tools or is new in the Tool Library. Speaking of this, it brings us to filters. Yes, you can filter the list of tools in many way

XrmToolBox : New Tool Library