WOW! Dynamic Scroll & Sort Table in Excel
Jun 13, 2023 11:45 AM

WOW! Dynamic Scroll & Sort Table in Excel

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Dashboards have limited space, which is why tables that allow you to scroll, and sort are super handy. In this video I show you how to link dynamic array

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In this video, you will learn how to create dynamic scroll and sort tables in Excel Dashboards. You will be shown how to link dynamic array formulas to form control buttons and scroll bars to control the sorting and rows visible in the table. You will also be provided with a template file to help you get started. This technique can also be used for earlier versions of Excel. Additionally, you can subscribe to get more tips and tutorials like this one, connect with the instructor on LinkedIn, share the video and spread the Excel love, and get help on the Excel Forum.

Dynamic Scroll and Sort Tables in Excel are not a built-in feature as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, so it's possible that this is a custom solution developed by users. There are various methods of creating a dynamic scroll and sort table, typically involving a combination of Excel features such as Tables, Named Ranges, INDEX and MATCH functions, and potentially some VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) coding for more complex requirements.

Here's a basic overview of how you might approach this:

  1. Creating a Table: The first step would typically be to create a table in Excel. This can be done by selecting your data range and then clicking on the "Table" button on the "Insert" tab.

  2. Defining Named Ranges: You can create dynamic named ranges that can be used in formulas to dynamically pull data based on scroll position or sorting order. This can be done using the "Define Name" option in the "Formulas" tab, and then using formulas that take into account the scroll position or sort order.

  3. Using INDEX and MATCH functions: The INDEX and MATCH functions can be used together to look up data in your table based on the scroll position or sort order. INDEX returns the value of a cell in a table based on the row and column number, while MATCH returns the position of a specific value in a range.

  4. Implementing Scroll and Sort functionality: This could potentially be implemented using scroll bars from the form controls in the "Developer" tab, and the SORT function to sort the table based on the values in a specific column. You could also use VBA to add more complex functionality, such as automatically updating the scroll position when data is added or removed, or sorting the table based on multiple columns.

  5. Updating the table: Depending on your requirements, you might want the table to automatically update when data is added or removed, or when the scroll position or sort order changes. This could potentially be achieved using Excel's "Calculate" function to force a recalculation of the table, or by using VBA to automatically update the table when certain events occur (such as a change in the scroll position or sort order).

Please note that the exact details of how to implement this can vary widely depending on your specific requirements and the version of Excel you're using.

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