What’s Next for SharePoint in Year 2023
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Mar 24, 2023 11:00 AM

What’s Next for SharePoint in Year 2023

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The SharePoint product team has been working with customers, partners, developers, community members, and stakeholders across Microsoft to answer the question:

The upcoming Microsoft 365 Conference in Las Vegas is being compared to the 2016 ‘Future of SharePoint’ event, which introduced modern SharePoint visuals, the SharePoint Framework, integration with the Power Platform, and other features. The event demonstrated a commitment to working with customers to modernize their use of SharePoint.

The next era of SharePoint aims to empower creators with new features, and the community is invited to attend the conference to learn about the future of SharePoint and other Microsoft products. Many members of the SharePoint product team, as well as leaders in the tech community, will be present to share, connect, and listen.

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What’s Next for SharePoint Join us at the Microsoft 365 Conference in Las Vegas on May 2-4, 2023

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