What’s New in Windows for Education in 2023
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Feb 14, 2023 1:00 PM

What’s New in Windows for Education in 2023

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Our journey to enable every student and teacher to achieve more with Windows 11 has been truly energizing. There's so much that we're excited about in the recen

Microsoft has announced new updates for Windows 11 aimed at improving the educational experience. These updates include “simple sign-in” and education-specific themes that allow students to personalize their devices and make them their own.

Simple sign-in is a streamlined sign-in process that enables students to use their existing credentials from third-party identity providers such as Google, Clever badge, or Wonde identity. Education themes allow students to quickly configure the look and feel of their device, with preset wallpaper, accent color, and other settings. Microsoft is committed to continuously improving the education experience in Windows and is open to feedback and ideas from the community.

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