Microsoft Teams Update: New Features in June 2023
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Jul 3, 2023 6:00 AM

Microsoft Teams Update: New Features in June 2023

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Microsoft expert discusses 45 new features in June 2023 Microsoft Teams edition including Spatial Audio and Tasks in Loop.

June 2023's edition of What's New in Teams highlights 45 new features introduced by Microsoft. The updates follow after Microsoft's recent announcements at Build 2023. Key features include "Spatial Audio in Teams Meetings", which upgrades the overall auditory experience during virtual meetings, and "Tasks in Loop components syncing with Planner and To Do", assisting in task management across applications. Additionally, Microsoft continues to add certified devices ready for Teams use. Find these devices at Feedback and questions are encouraged.

  • Microsoft Teams announces 45 new features in June 2023 edition.
  • New features follow Build 2023 announcements.
  • Spatial Audio in Teams Meetings improves virtual meeting experience.
  • Tasks in Loop components sync with Planner and To Do for better task management.
  • Microsoft adds more certified devices for Teams use each month.
  • Devices can be found at

Deep Dive into New Teams Features

The new Teams features promise to enhance the productivity and engagement of users. The innovative 'Spatial Audio in Teams Meetings' feature offers a more immersive experience by creating a realistic auditory environment. 'Tasks in Loop components', on the other hand, boosts project management efficiency by syncing tasks with 'Planner' and 'To Do'. Furthermore, the monthly addition of new certified devices extends the accessibility and versatility of Teams. You can find these certified devices at

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Learn about What’s New in Microsoft Teams | June 2023

Microsoft Teams is constantly growing and innovating, introducing new features and certified devices for June 2023. This month, Microsoft has added 45 new features such as Spatial Audio, which spatializes voices in the meeting, and Tasks in Loop components which sync with Planner and To Do. Additionally, Microsoft has certified and released new devices for all types of spaces and uses. For more information on the new features and certified devices available, please visit the Microsoft Build 2023 page or the Teams Devices page.

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