What's New & Cool In Microsoft Security & Compliance
Aug 5, 2023 9:00 AM

What's New & Cool In Microsoft Security & Compliance

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In this episode I’ll take a look at some of my favourite new security & compliance features in Microsoft 365. We’ll take a look at Entra ID’s

In the recent episode, we explored a range of new security and compliance features in Microsoft 365. The show discussed Entra ID's Secure Global Access, Conditional Access, Microsoft Identity Protection and various other interesting features. Furthermore, there is a special extended episode available exclusively for our Patreon members.

Some of the main topics covered in the session included Microsoft Entra Identity Protection Updates, introduction to Global Secure Access, new developments in Conditional Access, updates to Microsoft 365 Defender, and new additions in Microsoft Purview such as Retention tags for exchange folders. For more engaging content, follow Andymalone.org or become a Patreon at www.patreon.com/AndymaloneMVP.

  • Microsoft Entra Identity Protection Updates
  • Introduction to Global Secure Access
  • New Developments in Conditional Access
  • Updates to Microsoft 365 Defender
  • What's new in Microsoft Purview inc Retention tags for exchange folders

Don't miss out on these insightful sessions that offer a deep dive into Microsoft's latest security and compliance communications.

Diving Deeper into Microsoft Security & Compliance

The key emphasis of these sessions is on security and compliance, two critical aspects in the field of technology today. Understanding and implementing new features like Secure Global Access, Conditional Access, and Microsoft Identity Protection can substantially enhance your security posture.

Furthermore, Microsoft continues to reinforce security aspects of its existing suite of products with regular updates like those to Microsoft 365 Defender. The introduction of Retention tags in Microsoft Purview presents another advancement in compliance features. This continuous evolution of features is part of Microsoft’s commitment to user needs and industry standards.

Learn about What's New & Cool In Microsoft Security & Compliance

Microsoft Security & Compliance is full of new and cool features to help keep your data safe and secure. Entra ID's Secure Global Access provides an additional layer of protection to keep your data secure. Conditional Access is a feature that allows you to set specific requirements for how your data is accessed. Microsoft Identity Protection uses advanced analytics and machine learning to detect suspicious activities and protect your data from unauthorized access. Microsoft 365 Defender is a comprehensive security solution that provides real-time protection and advanced threat detection. Microsoft Purview is a powerful data platform that enables you to explore and analyze data from across Microsoft 365. It also includes features such as retention tags for Exchange folders. All of these features provide you with an enhanced level of security and compliance for your data.

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