What's the real size of your data model in Power BI?
Sep 16, 2022 12:00 AM

What's the real size of your data model in Power BI?

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From Power BI Desktop, to Task Manager, to different spots in the Power BI service - why are the sizes different? What's going on? How can you tell what the real size is? Well, it depends! Marco Russo joins Patrick to explain

The Conceptual Data Model and Limits

I had discussed part of this topic as it related to Excel Workbooks with the old Power BI service, but I wanted to refresh that and talk about the concept of the Data Model and highlight where we are at today with the limits.


How to reduce Power BI Data Model size by 90%

Check how you can reduce #powerbi data model size by a whopping 90%! I'll show you a real-life showcase of data model optimization, and emphasize general rules for keeping your data model size in optimal condition!


How to reduce your Power BI model size by 90%!

Have you ever wondered what makes Power BI so fast and powerful when it comes to performance? Learn on a real-life example about data model optimization and general rules for reducing data model