What is Microsoft Loop (In About A Minute)?
Dec 21, 2022 7:30 PM

What is Microsoft Loop (In About A Minute)?

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Microsoft Loop is the latest addition the Microsoft 365 suite, supporting dynamic collaboration across all 365 apps.

4 advantages of Microsoft Loop for enterprises

  • Opens up a number of possibilities and methods for streamlining workflows.
  • Reduces the amount of apps that employees must switch between.
  • Increases flexibility in how work is completed.
  • Makes certain that everyone has access to the most recent information.

What and how does Microsoft Loop operate?

Imagine a group of people together on a project in order to comprehend how Microsoft Loop operates. Team members will use a variety of Microsoft apps, including Outlook, Teams, OneNote, Excel, Word, and others, depending on their roles, the task at hand, or the device they're using. A list of "open project issues" that is routinely discussed and evaluated may be one of the key pieces of collaborative knowledge.

Loop Components from Microsoft

In Microsoft Teams and Outlook, for example, where teams are already brainstorming and conversing, Microsoft Loop components are interactive canvases that can move freely between the apps. These elements give Microsoft 365 apps more flexibility when it comes to working together on and exchanging various types of content.

Windows Loop Workspaces

Microsoft Loop workspaces are locations or communal spaces where users can monitor the status of shared projects in a project hub. Multiple pages are accessible from a workspace. Microsoft Loop workspaces make it simple for users to keep up with what everyone is working on, respond to suggestions, and monitor advancement toward common objectives.