What are SharePoint Hub Sites?
Aug 9, 2022 7:35 PM

What are SharePoint Hub Sites?

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In this video we explore what SharePoint hub sites are for, and look at what happens when you associate sites with one. We also show you how to associate and dissociate sites.

What is a SharePoint HubSite?

A recently introduced intranet building piece called a "SharePoint hub site" joins linked sites together to consolidate news and activity, streamline searches, establish cohesiveness with shared navigation, and for general look and feel. In essence, it connects and arranges sites depending on organizational characteristics like a project, department, division, or area and facilitates the dynamic organization of your intranet. We will look at how to use this new functionality in this blog.

Overview of the hub sites in SharePoint online

Here are some of the new features included:

Cross-site navigation– increase visibility of and navigation among associated sites

  • Content rollup– read aggregated news and discover related site activities
  • Consistent look-and-feel– establish a common theme to improve visitor awareness of connected sites
  • Scoped search– focus on finding content that resides within the hub site’s associated sites

Advantages/features of a hub site:

There are many benefits of using a hub site. A few of these include:

  • Hub sites bring your organizations team site and communication sites together.
  • Hub sites aggregate all of the sites' news, events, and site activity (both team sites and communication sites). The most recent news and events will be available to your users in one convenient spot.
  • instantly accessed. You will have the same search experience as the hub level when you search at any of the joined sites. In essence, the hub site and all of the team sites and communication sites connected to the hub site will both have a search experience. Users are able to directly search for information across all of the joined sites thanks to the internal creation of a search scope.
  • Cross-site navigation is displayed on hub sites, so all of the joined sites can be accessed from the top navigation bar on the hub site (both team site and communication sites). Consequently, it will be simpler to navigate any website. Every linked site and hub site will always have consistent navigation.
  • The appearance, theme, and logo of the hub site level are carried over when you join a team site or communication site under it. The communication and team sites that have been integrated will all have the same uniform appearance and feel.

Microsoft about HubSite

By linking and classifying websites according to a project, department, division, region, etc., SharePoint hub sites make it simpler for you to: