Viva Engage Explained - Campaigns in Viva Engage
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Jun 28, 2023 6:30 PM

Viva Engage Explained - Campaigns in Viva Engage

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Transform your organization with the power of campaigns in Viva Engage. Campaigns that include employees can be a highly effective way to build a sense of belon

Viva Engage is a transformative tool for organizations, enhancing the potency of campaigns and fostering a sense of belonging and purpose amongst employees. It acts as a platform for involving everyone, allowing participation in ongoing campaigns, which can contribute to achieving the organization's mission, values, and culture. The wide involvement in campaigns generates a powerful network effect, with the workforce following and contributing to the impact of campaigns.

Furthermore, Viva Engage enables leaders of an organization to step in, promoting or endorsing campaigns whilst sharing their perspectives. This visibility is available within the Leadership Corners of their respective employees. Additionally, Viva Engage also offers the provision of creating social campaigns.

A Closer Look at Viva Engage

Viva Engage is essentially a digital platform designed by Microsoft to improve the way organizations run their campaigns. This innovative tool not only increases the reach and impact of campaigns but also transforms the organization's culture by promoting inclusivity. It empowers each employee to partake in and contribute to the organization's objectives. In addition, it provides a unique opportunity for leaders to step up, share their viewpoints and inspire their teams. Hence, Viva Engage is a revolutionary step towards fostering a rich and productive organizational culture.

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Learn about Viva Engage Explained - Campaigns in Viva Engage

Campaigns in Viva Engage can help transform an organization by encouraging employee involvement and building a sense of belonging and purpose. With Viva Engage, organizations can increase the impact of their existing campaigns, as well as create new social campaigns. Employees can follow campaigns, providing a powerful network effect that allows them to witness the impact of their peers. Leaders can also promote or endorse campaigns and share their point of view, all of which are easily findable within their leadership corners. Viva Engage provides organizations with the tools to make their campaigns more meaningful and effective, while also helping to create a stronger sense of community within the organization.

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