VIVA - Storyline is now open for public preview
Sep 16, 2022 7:23 AM

VIVA - Storyline is now open for public preview

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In July, we announced a new way to share and express yourself in Microsoft Viva Engage and Microsoft 365 called storyline.

Storyline empowers everyone within your organization to connect and contribute, and enables your leaders to reach and engage employees.

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Viva Engage is a new employee experience that connects people across the company—wherever and whenever they work—so that everyone is included and engaged.

Enter Microsoft Viva Engage. A Real Social Network For The Enterprise?

This week Microsoft slipped in a little product launch that is more significant than you think: a new application in the Microsoft Viva family called Viva Engage. And it has a lot of implications for HR and collaboration software.

Microsoft Releases Viva Engage App

Viva Engage is the latest addition to the Microsoft Viva "employee experience platform," which is a collection of about eight apps or "modules" that surface within the Microsoft Teams collaboration service.

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