Virtual tables creation wizard now in Public Preview
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Jan 11, 2023 9:30 PM

Virtual tables creation wizard now in Public Preview

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Have you tried creating a virtual table and found it difficult? Do you wish you had an way to integrate external data from SharePoint and SQL into Dataverse

We are excited to announce that makers can now create virtual tables directly in the maker portal in just a few minutes using a guided…

  • Create virtual tables from SharePoint and SQL without coding, from the maker Portal.
  • Simply set up your connection, pick your SharePoint Site or SQL Database, select your SharePoint List or SQL Table to create a virtual table.
  • What are the benefits of virtual tables?
  • How can I start using the new virtual tables wizard?

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Create virtual tables using the virtual connector provider (preview)

Virtual tables enable integrating data from external data sources by seamlessly representing that data as tables in Microsoft Dataverse, without data replication. Solutions, apps, flows, and more can use virtual tables as if they were native Dataverse tables

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