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Apr 19, 2022 6:00 AM

Microsoft announces: Updated preview of SharePoint Framework 1.15 – New release of the upcoming features

Microsoft announces an updated preview of SharePoint Framework (SPFx) 1.15 - with updates to Viva Connections, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online experiences.

Key features in this 1.15 preview release

Key changes and updates in this preview release are as follows:

  • New SPFx customizers for list add and edit list / library forms
    • Gives you an option to associate custom new, edit and view forms at content type level for new items
    • Tutorial coming up soon, please check the associated video for guidance until that is available
  • Support for Node v16.x
  • Numerous other improvements and adjustments based on the reported issues by customers and partners
    • If you ran into any issues, please use Premier Support if that’s an option or report your issues at https://aka.ms/spfx-issues.
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