Understanding and Using Verifiable Credentials
Nov 24, 2022 12:00 AM

Understanding and Using Verifiable Credentials

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A look at all things decentralized identity and verifiable credentials.

A look at all things decentralized identity and verifiable credentials. What's a distributed identifier, what's a did document, how does it all work and why do I care?

I have manually updated the captions to be as accurate as possible. Enable the subtitles and from there you can translate to your native language via the auto-translate feature in settings!

In this Video

0:00 - Introduction

0:20 - Identity in the real world

4:05 - Identity with centralized identity

7:29 - Challenges today

10:13 - Me as my own identity provider

13:00 - Attestations from an issuer

16:23 - Trusts

19:49 - The need for proof

21:13 - How we prove things with computers

26:18 - How to know it’s the right public key for an entity

27:20 - Decentralized identifier (DID)

29:12 - Requirements for a DID

31:50 - Associating DID to public key

35:00 - Solution

37:40 - How do I rotate keys? DID document

44:27 - What is a DID and how is it working

47:12 - Methods

55:45 - What really matters!

57:20 - Why is the DID so ugly

58:53 - Verifiable credentials at last

1:02:05 - Issuer, holder and verifier all together

1:16:30 - Lets see this in action

1:20:34 - Using Microsoft Entra to issue and verify

1:22:25 - How to backup and recover if lose wallet

1:23:17 - Why do we care?

1:28:10 - Some considerations as responsibilities shift

1:29:22 - Closing thoughts

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