Sep 7, 2022 8:40 PM

Top 8 New Features in Microsoft Excel | Updates in Excel 365 Desktop and Web

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This Microsoft Excel tutorial will show you the top 8 new features in Microsoft Excel in 2022.

These new Excel tips and tricks include the IMAGE function, Import picture from Camera, improved Pivot Table recommendations and lots more. Updates cover Desktop and web. These time-saving new features in Microsoft Excel are rolling out now for Excel 365 subscribers. To join Office Insiders and get the lates updates, go to

In this Video

0:08 Import Picture and convert table

0:59 IMAGE function

1:44 Improved Pivot table recommendations

2:47 Refresh stock quotes automatically

3:42 Option to always leave leading zeros

4:46 Hyperlinks in Excel comments (Office for Windows, Mac, and the Web)

5:15 Excel for web Protect sheet and Manage Protection

6:11 Auto Alt Text for Excel Charts

Office Insider

Hi, Insiders! My name is Elisabetta Caldesi, and I’m a Product Manager on the Excel team. I’m excited to share with you a new function, called IMAGE, which returns an image within a cell.

What's New in Excel (June 2022)

Welcome to the June 2022 update. We are excited to share the general availability of sheet protection and semi-select for links creation in the web for Excel for the web and automatic alt text suggestions for charts and PivotCharts across Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac - among other features. For Insiders, we're rolling out the ability to insert data from picture in Excel for Windows.

What's New in Excel (July 2022)

Welcome to the July 2022 update. We are excited to announce Excel Live, an enhanced collaboration solution for working on Excel workbooks in real time with your Teams meetings.