Top 7 new features for Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams 2022
Sep 13, 2022 12:00 AM

Top 7 new features for Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams 2022

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A Teams tutorial showing 7 Microsoft Teams new features for Reading Progress in 2022. Reading Progress in Teams is a free reading fluency tool that is built-in to Teams.

Teams. New features in Microsoft Teams include Reading Coach, Timed Passage, Insights, Phonics rules, iPad create/review support and lots more. New Microsoft Teams Reading Progress features are always rolling out for our education SKU, and these are the latest new Teams updates!

Reading Progress videos

  • How to use Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams: Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams - Improve student reading fluency, save time and track progress
  • A deep dive webinar on Reading Progress in Teams that I did: Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams // In-depth webinar with Mike Tholfsen

Table of contents

0:00 Introduction

0:12 Reading Coach in Teams

2:52 Challenge assignments updates

4:19 Phonics Rules Insights dashboards

6:22 iPad creation and review of assignments

7:21 Timed Passage improvements

8:42 Multi-select of words in a passage

9:56 Language settings in a reading passage

Microsoft Teams tutorial resources

Ensure Auto-detect (PREVIEW) in Reading Progress uses your intended language

Auto-detect is a PREVIEW feature in Reading Progress that estimates errors based on common pronunciation. Auto-detect supports a number of dialects and pronunciations, and may assess student performance poorly if it interprets the uploaded document as the wrong language.

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