Top 5 Whiteboard Apps for Microsoft Teams Meetings
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Mar 16, 2022 1:56 PM

Top 5 Whiteboard Apps for Microsoft Teams Meetings

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Whether your organization is sticking to work from home or starting to go back to the office and shift to a hybrid work setup, being able to have interactive and fun virtual meetings is critical. With an office setup, we have whiteboards in our meeting rooms so everyone can collaborate and share ideas. This keeps everyone connected and present. With the shift to remote work, it can be harder to keep your team focused and connected when there are no visuals on-screen.

Microsoft recently announced a new Teams meeting feature called share-to-stage where you don’t just share your screen but also provides a real-time collaboration space for your participants to interact. It’s like having a unified virtual whiteboard on which everyone can brainstorm and take notes. With this, online meetings can have a space for collaboration where people can share ideas, thoughts, and present visuals regardless of where they’re joining from.