Today Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer 11
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Jun 15, 2022 6:35 AM

Today Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer 11

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On June 15, 2022, Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported as a desktop program on certain versions of Windows 10, according to the Microsoft website in question. This was disclosed by Microsoft in May 2021 in this post, which also verified the exclusions..

This withdrawal has no impact on the in-market Windows 10 LTSC and Server Internet Explorer 11 desktop applications. The MSHTML (Trident) engine is unaffected as well. Please see our FAQ for a detailed overview of what this announcement covers, as well as answers to any further technical questions.

Microsoft goes forward with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft “With Microsoft Edge, we provide a path to the web’s future while still respecting the web’s past. Change was necessary, but we didn’t want to leave reliable, still-functioning websites and applications behind. We’re here to help you transition to the more comprehensive browsing experience of Microsoft Edge and tell you a bit more about why we think it will address your needs, both at home and at work.”

  • Reason #1 – Improved compatibility
  • Reason #2 – Streamlined productivity
  • Reason #3 – Better browser security
  • How this impacts you
  • The future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge