The great Power Platform governance FAQ
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Aug 15, 2023 10:00 AM

The great Power Platform governance FAQ

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I’ve been talking and “doing” governance on the Power Platform with my colleague Jukka Niiranen since 2020.

The author, a Power Platform governance expert, shares insights from years of hands-on experience and testing. The writing delves into several areas not usually covered in textbooks or conventional learn documentation. It is designed as an ongoing FAQ piece, continually updated with new findings. Key points tacked in the text include whether a maker can publish customizations in the default environment - which is not directly possible, requiring additional write permissions. The author also discusses importing a managed solution as a maker, a process that is feasible.

  • Power Platform governance expert's FAQ based on personal testing and research.

  • FAQ will be regularly updated with new findings.

  • Maker cannot publish customization in the default environment without additional write permissions.

  • Makers can import managed solutions.

Delving Deeper into Power Platform Governance

Power Platform Governance involves setting rules and parameters on the use and modification of Power Platform resources. Customization of default environments requires additional permissions like prvWriteEntity, prvWriteAttribute, prvWriteRelationship, prvWriteQuery. Adding an owner to a flow in a managed solution is possible. Interestingly, even basic users with maker roles are able to import managed solutions. Understanding these nuances can greatly enhance the utilization of the Power Platform.

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The Power Platform Governance FAQ covers a wide range of topics pertaining to the Power Platform. It provides information on topics such as publishing customizations in the default environment, importing managed solutions as makers, and adding additional owners to flows in managed solutions. In addition, it provides information on the security roles required to perform these tasks, as well as the specific permissions which need to be granted in order to succeed. This FAQ is a helpful resource for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the governance of the Power Platform.

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