Techresh - 5 Best SharePoint Migration Tools
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May 20, 2022 12:12 PM

Techresh - 5 Best SharePoint Migration Tools

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SharePoint migration is still an important topic nowadays. There are a number of vendors that provide their tools. Techresh has compared the most important ones and summarized them in an article. There is also a standalone tool from Microsoft which we have linked.

Techresh: "SharePoint is a collaboration tool that helps to manage a large amount of data in its libraries, sites, lists, etc. Sharepoint migration tools are available for cloud subscriptions and also for on-prem deployment solutions. However, in the latest version, there are some new and exciting features that enable more effective content management. These days, more and more enterprises are migrating to SharePoint from traditional platforms like file servers."

In the article:

  • ShareGate Desktop
  • Dockit Migrator by VYAPIN
  • Kernel Migrator
  • Fly Migration from AvePoint
  • Quest Solution

Microsoft own Tool: