Power Apps - Fluent 2 design
Aug 14, 2023 9:00 AM

Power Apps - Fluent 2 design

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Stop designing your user interface?

This text explores the new Fluent 2 design language, specifically its usage in Power Apps. The main question posed is whether the focus should shift from User Interfaces to the User Experience. The sources named for this Fluent

The text highlights the React Controls such as Fluent UI V8 and Fluent UI V9.

The Fluent 2 Design language is the latest approach in designing Power Apps. This new trend emphasizes more on user experience rather than just focusing on interfaces. Fluent design systems provide the tools for creating digital experiences that are grounded in people and natural movement. The resources for understanding this design are made available online at Microsoft's design links. These designs are being implemented widely in the POWERAPPS on the POWERPLATFORM.

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Fluent Design was the design system introduced by Microsoft for Windows 10 and other platforms, and it evolved over time. It's possible that you are referring to a newer or updated iteration of Microsoft's Fluent Design that emerged after 2021, or maybe another design concept altogether.

Power Apps is a powerful tool to create user interfaces and experiences. The new Fluent 2 design language is designed to help developers create the best possible user experience. It is a combination of design elements, styles, and components that can be used to create a user friendly application. Fluent 2 has two main components: Fluent UI V8, which is an open source library of React components, and Fluent UI V9, a library of React components specifically designed for Power Apps.

By using Fluent 2, developers can create powerful, user-friendly experiences that are easy to use and look great. With Fluent 2, developers can create mobile, web, and desktop applications with a modern, consistent look and feel. Additionally, Fluent 2 makes it easy to integrate Power Platform components like PowerApps and Power Automate into applications. With Fluent 2, developers can create user experiences that are easy to understand and use, and that provide the best possible user experience.

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