So you've developed a PowerApp with SharePoint lists and now you want to hide them ?
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Sep 27, 2022 10:06 AM

So you've developed a PowerApp with SharePoint lists and now you want to hide them ?

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Ok so lets start by saying that I know that Obfuscation is not security but sometimes when you are trying to keep things affordable for a client you need to be realistic.

A common way for me to do this and keep using the E3/A3 licences is to use a Canvas App with SharePoint lists and standard connectors.

I will do another blog post on the exact details but in summary I use SharePoint lists that have Item level permissions set so that users can only read or edit their own records. I then have a members group with designer permissions so they can read and edit all records.

The intention then is to hide away items that members shouldn't see within the app itself and generally keep people away from the SharePoint site completely.

  • So how do you hide the lists?
  • The List to hide
  • The Flow
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How to Hide a List or Library in SharePoint?

But why? Because, My custom application uses some configurations which should be stored and retrieved from a SharePoint list, but it must not be visible to end-users to avoid any mess. So, we got to hide our configuration list from users.

Hiding a SharePoint list from the site contents using Power Automate

Sometimes when building any solution based on SharePoint we need to hide a list from the site contents, for several reasons. The list can be creted to be used only by an automated solution and not to be updated or accessed by users. Even if we restrict permissions to read-only in the list, this can cause some confusion in users.