Windows Insider Update: New Snipping Tool & Paint Features
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May 12, 2024 1:08 AM

Windows Insider Update: New Snipping Tool & Paint Features

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Windows Insiders get Snipping Tool & Paint updates with emoji/qrcode support & more!

Key insights


  • Snipping Tool introduces new features including emoji and QR code scanning, offering more dynamic ways for users to engage with their screenshots.
  • Improved shapes and opacity control in Snipping Tool provide enhanced customization for users, reinforcing Microsoft's commitment to user feedback.
  • QR code detection in Snipping Tool allows for easy access and navigation to linked websites, enhancing user convenience and interaction.
  • Paint evolves with the update of Cocreator to Image Creator, maintaining the same functionality under a new name and emphasizing Microsoft's ongoing app development.
  • Continuous feedback from users is vital, as indicated by the invitation to submit feedback via Feedback Hub, showing Microsoft's commitment to community engagement and improvement of its tools.

Enhancing Creativity and Productivity with Microsoft's Latest Tool Updates

The recent updates announced by Microsoft to both the Snipping Tool and Paint for Windows Insiders showcase the tech giant’s ongoing dedication to enhancing user experience and interactivity within its ecosystem. The introduction of features like emoji and QR code scanning in the Snipping Tool opens up new avenues for users to express themselves and interface with content. Similarly, the transformation of Cocreator into Image Creator in Paint signals Microsoft’s commitment to evolving its applications in response to user feedback and the latest trends in digital creativity.

In this update, we’re introducing a few new features including support for emoji and QR code scanning, as well as other improvements. Emoji are a fun new way to markup your screenshots. To get started, open the Shapes toolbar and find the new Emoji option.

  • Select an emoji and see it drop into the middle of the canvas.
  • You can move or resize it before clicking away and finalizing any changes.
  • We are also adding the ability to detect QR codes in screenshots so that you can easily follow the link on your PC.
  • Some improvements to shapes based on your feedback and have added the ability to change opacity of shape fill and outline colors.
  • We have also reintroduced the ruler tool in the “See more” dropdown (you can toggle ruler with Ctrl + R keyboard shortcut key as well).

These enhancements not only enrich the way users approach tasks but also streamline workflows by integrating more functionality directly into the software they regularly use. The added ability for QR code detection simplifies the process of accessing web content from screenshots, reflecting a broader industry trend towards seamless interaction between different forms of media.

Microsoft’s explicit request for feedback via the Feedback Hub underscores the importance of community input in the development process. This approach not only helps in fine-tuning the user experience but also fosters a sense of involvement and ownership among the Windows Insider community. By implementing user-suggested improvements, such as enhanced shape customization in the Snipping Tool, Microsoft demonstrates a clear commitment to listening to and acting on the needs of its user base.

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Windows - Windows Insider Update: New Snipping Tool & Paint Features


How do I go back from Windows Insider?

To revert from the Windows Insider program, navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program and select Stop Insider Preview Builds to review your options. If your device is part of the Beta Channel or Release Preview Channel, you'll have the option to cease receiving preview builds once the upcoming major Windows release becomes available to the general public.

What happened to Microsoft Snipping Tool?

Microsoft has introduced an updated Snipping Tool app, merging the previous Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch (which remains accessible on Windows 10) into a unified experience. This revamped app offers enhanced functionality for capturing screenshots in various modes.

What replaced Snipping Tool in Windows 10?

For Windows 10 users, Snip & Sketch acts as the successor, being automatically available for download and offering updated features for screen capture.

Why is the Snipping Tool missing in Windows 11?

The absence of the Snipping Tool in Windows 11 can result from several issues, including reported bugs in the operating system or corruption of system files, which may intermittently disrupt the functionality of pre-installed tools like the Snipping Tool.



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