SharePoint roadmap pitstop - April 2022
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May 3, 2022 10:08 PM

SharePoint roadmap pitstop - April 2022

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Podcast The Intrazone Pitstop April 2022 - Is now available, as always there is news from all over the Microsoft world on this show: Viva Topics insights, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Lists for Android, Create and manage Power Apps from Microsoft Lists within Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Lists Calendar and more

April showers rained a whole lot of goodness into SharePoint and related technology. A nice blooming of features and updates for improving broad employee experiences and teamwork.

  • Inform and engage with dynamic employee experiences
    • Viva Topics in Outlook for the web is now at GA
    • Viva Topics insights
    • Microsoft Stream: Comment on a video or audio file in SharePoint and OneDrive
    • SharePoint: Create from the SharePoint app bar
  • Teamwork updates across SharePoint team sites, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams
    • Microsoft Lists for Android
    • Create and manage Power Apps from Microsoft Lists within Microsoft Teams
    • Microsoft Lists Calendar view experience: 'Unscheduled' Pane
    • OneDrive and SharePoint: Access your Teams standard and private channel files
    • OneDrive: Pin shared libraries to Quick Access
    • Viva Insights: Shared focus plans
  • Related technology
    • Bookmarks in New Yammer
    • Whiteboard files now will be stored on the SharePoint files platform
  • May 2022 teasers
    • Teaser #1: Section templates for Sharepoint pages and news
    • Teaser #2: Microsoft Stream: View and edit video/audio file information