Turn Power Apps into Native Apps by Ilya Fainberg
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Oct 8, 2022 2:35 PM

Turn Power Apps into Native Apps by Ilya Fainberg

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It's done! You can now get your hands on Power Progressive, my kit to deploy PowerApps as Native app by Ilya Fainberg

And by native, I mean Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Primarily, this is meant to enable native look and feel for canvas apps, creating a seamless user experience on the desktop. PWAs can be installed manually, distributed on enterprise networks, and even published to app stores.

A full guide on how to use Power Progressive and all the required assets can be found here

Usually, you have two options on how to run Power Apps: You can open them in a browser or in the player. On mobile the situation is a bit better with the Wrap feature, allowing you to package your app and the player in a single native app for iOS or Android.

The next version will include deeper OS integration:

Badges, notifications, and tasks are planned for the near future.

Check out the roadmap (with screenshots) here:


Turn Power Apps into Native Apps