Power Platform governance 06 - Consider a data loss prevention strategy
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Oct 12, 2022 7:54 AM

Power Platform governance 06 - Consider a data loss prevention strategy

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One of the coolest things about Power Platform is the amount of connectors that are available. Right now there are about 683 (August 3rd, 2022) and there are more every week by Michael Roth

DLPs act as guardrails to help keep our data safe. With DLPs we can sort all the connectors in different buckets to determine which connectors can be used together, and which can’t be used at all. The three buckets or categories are:

  • Business
  • Non-business
  • Blocked

In the article

  • Start a DLP strategy
  • We need to go deeper
  • Why you should never layer your DLPs
  • Think, before you implement

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Data loss prevention policies

You can create data loss prevention (DLP) policies that can act as guardrails to help prevent users from unintentionally exposing organizational data.


Combined effect of multiple DLP policies

As a tenant or environment admin, you can create more than one DLP policy and apply it to the same environment.