Power Hour: Flow Excel Actions Generate Chart Report
Sep 19, 2022 12:00 AM

Power Hour: Flow Excel Actions Generate Chart Report

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Learn how to use an Excel Script and the Excel actions in a Power Automate Flow, to generate a chart and send in an email or generate a PDF displaying a lovely status report.

Extract information in Excel using Named Entity Recognition(NER) and Power Automate

This flow will take a spreadsheet of issues reported about an apartment complex, and classify them into two categories: plumbing and other. It will also extract the names and phone numbers of the tenants who sent them. Lastly, the flow will append this information to the Excel sheet.


Use Excel & Power Automate | Record Working Hours from Phone & Update LinkedIn from Excel!

Learn to combine Microsoft Excel with Power Automate and get more done! We'll look at two practical examples:

  1. Record your working hours. You'll press a button on your mobile when you start and end your work. The time you started and ended your work will automatically be recorded in Excel.
  2. You'll create a LinkedIn post directly from your Excel file!


Case Study - Adding Data From Power BI Report to Excel Using Power Automate

Learn how to use Power Automate to add filtered data from your Power BI report to an Excel spreadsheet.