Power BI Beginner to Pro 2023 Edition
Feb 12, 2023 11:30 PM

Power BI Beginner to Pro 2023 Edition

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This free live event is designed for those who have little experience with Power BI [Live Event]

To give a better understanding of how end-to-end solutions can designed. This course covers how to load data with Power BI Desktop, how to use some basic DAX, and create amazing visualizations on your data. Power BI is an impressive, one -stop reporting and analytical tool. You can connect and shape your data, as well as build reporting solutions that help drive decision making.

What you’ll learn:

  • Connect and organize your data
  • Create data cleansing processes in Power BI
  • Organize your data model
  • DAX Basics
  • Build Interactive Reports
  • Deploy and share your solution

Class files

Other Resources:

  • Data Modeling for Power BI by Mitchell Pearson


  • Data Modeling (Star Schema) in Power BI by Manuel Quintana


  • Power BI Administration by Manuel Quintana


  • DAX by Mitchell Pearson


  • Additional Resources on FORMAT Function


  • Date Dimension

Creating a Date Dimension with Power Query – Devin Knight

  • DAX Guide

DAX Guide

DAX code used in this session:


Year = YEAR([Date])

Month Number = MONTH([Date])

Month = FORMAT([Date], “mmmm”)

Total Banks = COUNTROWS(‘Failed Banks’)