Power BI: Embed Reports Into PowerPoint Presentations
Oct 25, 2022 6:00 AM

Power BI: Embed Reports Into PowerPoint Presentations

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In this video, Allison will show you how you can easily add Power BI reports to a PowerPoint presentation.

It is now very easy to present your reports along with anything else in your presentation without having to move back and forth from your reports in the Power BI Service to your PowerPoint.

With the addition of the Power BI Add-in to PowerPoint, all you need to do is get the sharing link for the report from the Power BI service and the report will be added to the PowerPoint. In the demo, Allison will cover a few things to keep in mind to include in your report to have the best result.

Add an interactive Power BI report in PowerPoint presentation

With the Power BI add-in for PowerPoint you can embed your reports within a presentation. When embedded, the report is interactive- so that means during the presentation you’ll be able to click into your report to drill up/down and apply filters.


Tell a story with your data. Announcing the all-new Power BI integration for PowerPoint.

Data culture is about putting data into the hands of business users who need data and insights in decision making. When the same users need to drive a conversation and enable decision making, they usually use PowerPoint presentation to lead that conversation.


Power BI integration with PowerPoint

Data is at the core of decision making, evaluating, and monitoring the status of the business. This data, in the form of analytical outcomes and required actions, is reviewed and discussed at almost every business meeting. To streamline the process of preparing for the meetings, and to enhance the meeting experience, Power BI can now be embedded in PowerPoint presentations.


FINALLY! Properly Present Your Power BI Dashboard in PowerPoint (keep the interactivity)

How do you embed your interactive dashboard in a PowerPoint presentation without losing the interactivity side of the dashboard?