Aug 8, 2022 1:50 PM

Power Apps Hack To Style All Form Controls In Seconds

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In this PowerApps article I show an insane hack to style all form controls in just a few seconds.

This strange hack makes it possible to quickly update the style of all DataCardKeys and DataCardValues in a Power Apps form. Normally its simple to update multiple controls at once. Just select a group of controls then change the desired problem.

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Power Apps hack!

  1. Select the Power Apps form in the tree view
  2. Change the form layout property from vertical to horizontal
  3. Click the undo button
  4. Now all DataCardKeys and DataCardValues in the form are selected
  5. Use the Tree View search to quickly unselect either the keys or values
  6. Change any property of the remaining selected controls in one-click.

More About Canvas App Controls

Unfortunately Power Apps doesn't allow multiple selection of form controls across multiple cards. If you want to change the style in one go it can be very time consuming. Here I show you a trick for achieving simultaneous editing of form controls to quickly edit the appearance of your Power Apps forms.