Optimize Coding with the Power Apps Review Tool
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Jan 30, 2024 9:30 PM

Optimize Coding with the Power Apps Review Tool

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Elevate Your Canvas Apps: Master the Power Apps Code Review Tool!

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5 Key Insights on the Power Apps Code Review Tool

  • The Power Apps Code Review tool is essential for developers creating canvas apps, offering insights into coding standards and accessibility.
  • To use the tool, environments must enable the Power Apps component framework, and users need to install the Creator Kit and the Code Review Tool solution.
  • The tool assesses apps, providing scores and recommendations but requires manual review and action for improvements.
  • Features such as a code checklist, app checker results, and an app overview offer detailed analysis for optimizing app performance and conformity.
  • For effective use within organizations, the tool should be incorporated into regular review cycles, encouraging learning and not as a critique, and maintaining a record of reviews for insights and progress tracking.

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Exploring the Power Apps Code Review Tool

The Power Apps Code Review Tool, developed by Microsoft, stands as a crucial component for developers engaged in crafting canvas apps. Its primary function lies in analyzing apps against established coding standards and accessibility guidelines, thus serving as a catalyst for enhancing the quality of app development projects. By providing a detailed breakdown of an app's adherence to best practices, the tool empowers developers to identify and address areas of improvement, ranging from coding infractions to potential performance issues.

One of the hallmarks of this tool is its comprehensive feedback mechanism. Unlike automated correction tools, it prompts developers to critically evaluate each recommendation, fostering a deeper understanding of best practices and encouraging thoughtful implementation of changes. The multifaceted analysis covers everything from code patterns to app performance indicators, offering a panoramic view of an app's architectural integrity.

The significance of the Code Review Tool extends beyond mere code correction; it underscores a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing within development teams. Its integration into regular review cycles promotes a proactive approach to quality assurance, ensuring that apps not only meet current standards but are also aligned with the evolving landscape of canvas app development.

As developers navigate the complexities of creating responsive, efficient, and accessible canvas apps, the Power Apps Code Review Tool emerges as a beacon of guidance. By leveraging its insights, users can elevate their development practice, driving innovation and excellence in the Power Apps domain.



The Power Apps Code Review tool is an essential resource for developers creating canvas apps. It evaluates your app against various coding standards, accessibility guidelines, and more, helping improve your work. Although it’s been available for some time, many still aren’t aware of its benefits. By regularly using this tool, developers can greatly enhance their canvas app development skills.

Introduced by Microsoft in 2021, the tool analyses canvas apps using the Power App Language Library, offering insights into different development aspects. While it provides valuable recommendations, it won’t fix issues automatically and may not always align with every scenario. However, it encourages developers to document any discrepancies, aiding continuous improvement.

Before using the tool, ensure access to an environment where two Power Platform solutions can be installed after enabling the Power Apps component framework. Then, obtain the Creator Kit from GitHub, including at least the ‘Core’ solution package. Following this, you can install the Code Review Tool solution itself, choosing between managed or unmanaged versions based on your needs.

To initiate a new review, open the tool, create a new entry, and select the app to be reviewed. The process may analyze multiple canvas apps within a solution, providing both individual and overall scores. After submission, the tool processes the review, and upon completion, presents an overall score and detailed insights into coding practices, accessibility, performance, and other key areas.

Reviewing your developments regularly, embracing feedback, understanding the tool's limitations, and supplementing it with peer reviews can significantly enhance app quality. Retaining past reviews can also offer valuable lessons for improving future projects. The tool is a powerful asset for improving app development practices, but should not replace the invaluable insights gained from human peer reviews.

Overall, the Power Apps Code Review tool serves as a comprehensive guide for enhancing canvas app development. It encourages a culture of continuous learning and improvement within development teams.

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Power Apps - Optimize Coding with the Power Apps Review Tool


People also ask

What is the Power Apps source code review tool?

The Power Apps Code Review Tool, developed by Microsoft, provides an automated mechanism for reviewing the code of canvas apps. Upon loading an app for review, it evaluates the code against predetermined criteria, assigning a pass or fail for each checkpoint. Instances of failure come with recommendations for fixing the identified issues, with developers encouraged to achieve at least a 90% passing score to ensure code quality.

How do I view the code in Power Apps?

In Power Apps, to inspect the code of a specific component, you simply select that component on the canvas and click on the source code editor icon () located in the footer. This action will reveal the source code within the Code Editor pane situated at the screen's bottom, allowing you to see and modify the code as needed.

Is Microsoft Power apps low-code or no code?

Microsoft Power Apps is designed as a low-code platform, aimed at expediting the app development process. It is equipped with prebuilt templates and intuitive drag-and-drop tools, making it accessible for users to create professional-grade applications quickly, even without extensive coding knowledge.

Does Power Apps have coding?

Yes, Power Apps incorporates coding through Power Fx, enabling a more comprehensive development experience within the Power Platform. While Power Apps allows for significant functionality without coding, Power Fx, as a low-code language, provides the necessary capabilities for advanced development tasks, bridging the gap between no-code and traditional coding environments.



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