Pipelines in Power Platform is Generally Available (GA)
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Mar 1, 2023 12:00 PM

Pipelines in Power Platform is Generally Available (GA)

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Pipelines aims to democratize application lifecycle management (ALM) for Power Platform and Dynamics 365 customers

Microsoft has announced that pipelines within Power Platform are now generally available. The aim of pipelines is to make application lifecycle management (ALM) more accessible to all makers, admins, and developers by bringing deployment automation capabilities into Managed Environments. Pipelines can be configured in a few minutes and shared with makers.

  • Schedule deployments
  • Pipelines extensibility
  • Delegated deployments

They are run directly within development environments or PAC CLI and provide an intuitive in-product experience that guides the deployment process and educates citizen developers about healthy ALM practices. This is made easy with automatic safeguards applied and complexities abstracted by the system. Customer adoption and feedback during the preview have been positive, and Microsoft is confident in their ability to support production workloads at any scale. As a result, pipelines are now generally available sooner than initially anticipated.