Perform a changeset request in Dataverse connector in Power Automate
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Apr 10, 2023 8:27 PM

Perform a changeset request in Dataverse connector in Power Automate

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Here's how you can handle Dataverse connector requests with rollback capabilities using Changeset request in Dataverse connector in Power Automate

You must’ve noticed Perform a changeset request in the Dataverse connector in Power Automate.

Purpose of this Action is to perform batch of available Dataverse connector actions successfully or rollback the batch performed inside this changeset request.

Changeset can see as Database Transaction

A database transaction is a logical unit of work that consists of one or more database operations, such as insertions, updates, or deletions of data. The main purpose of a transaction is to ensure data consistency and integrity by making sure that all the operations in the transaction are either completed successfully or not at all.

In other words, a transaction guarantees that all the database changes made within the transaction are either committed (made permanent) or rolled back (undone) in case of a failure or error, ensuring that the database remains in a consistent state.

Transactions have the following key properties, commonly referred to as ACID properties:

  1. Atomicity: Transactions are atomic, meaning they are treated as a single unit of work that either succeeds completely or fails completely.
  2. Consistency: Transactions maintain database consistency by ensuring that data is always in a valid state, according to the defined rules and constraints.
  3. Isolation: Transactions are isolated from each other, so that each transaction can operate independently of other transactions without affecting the outcome of other transactions.
  4. Durability: Transactions ensure that once a transaction is committed, its changes are permanent and cannot be undone by subsequent failures or errors.

Database transactions are a fundamental concept in database systems, and are widely used in applications that require reliable and consistent data management, such as financial systems, e-commerce, and inventory management.

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