Dec 26, 2022 6:56 PM

Model-Driven Apps Custom Page Power Fx Full Integration Part 2

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We have a Dataverse and Model-Driven App that is Managing Cub-Cake Orders (PART 2)


We have a Dataverse and Model-Driven App that is Managing Cub-Cake Orders. This MDA manages new orders and customer information. There is a third-party system that is handling the shipping process and updates the shipping information into a SharePoint list. We need the customer service department to be able to check the orders' shipping status and confirm shipment once complete.


Using the MDA custom Pages, we can integrate the SharePoint List with the Dataverse records in a Canvas app for the customer service representatives to view all related information and verify the shipping status. Once verified, users can press one button to update the Dataverse records and or do other required actions.

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Add a custom page to your model-driven app

This article guides you through creating and editing a custom page for a model-driven app using the modern app designer.

What are "Model-Driven Apps Custom Page"

Model-driven apps are a type of application in the Microsoft Power Platform that are used to create and manage business processes and data. Custom pages are a feature of model-driven apps that allow you to create and customize the user interface of your app.

Custom pages are built using the Dynamics 365 Portals framework, which is a set of tools and technologies for creating web-based interfaces for model-driven apps. With custom pages, you can create custom forms, views, and dashboards for your app, and use them to present data and enable user interactions in the app.

Custom pages can be created and edited using the page designer in the Power Platform, which provides a drag-and-drop interface for building and styling pages. You can use custom pages to create a variety of user experiences, such as data entry forms, search pages, and dashboard-style displays.

Model-driven apps custom pages are a powerful tool for customizing and extending the functionality of your model-driven app, and can help you create a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for your users.