Exploring Diversity in Tech: Mixed Reality and Metaverse
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Jun 14, 2023 10:35 AM

Exploring Diversity in Tech: Mixed Reality and Metaverse

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Prominent MR MVPs in Germany co-organize a workshop to promote diversity in tech and explore the advancements of MR and Metaverse technologies.

A workshop named "Jump into MR!" was co-organized by Zaid Zaim, a prominent Mixed Reality (MR) MVP in Germany, in collaboration with ReDI School of Digital Integration, a non-profit tech school offering free and equitable access to digital education for migrants and marginalized locals. The event was part of the "She's ReDI" initiative supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, and aimed at empowering women to begin careers in tech.
The workshop was structured in three parts: inspire, learn, and experience. It featured inspirational sessions about technologies and careers, hands-on learning opportunities, and interactive booth experiences with MR headset technology. Notably, the event facilitated valuable networking opportunities, with a particular focus on encouraging diversity in tech.
Another Mixed Reality MVP, Christian Glessner, stressed the importance of diversity in the tech industry, arguing that a more diverse tech industry caters to a wider range of needs and preferences and fosters greater innovation. He also noted the importance of qualities such as empathy and the ability to form meaningful relationships in an age of rapid technological advancement.
Feedback from the event was positive, with attendees expressing appreciation for the workshop's informative and inspirational aspects, and noting their increased interest in MR as a result. The event also featured insights from Microsoft professionals, who
highlighted the impact and momentum of MR and Metaverse technologies.
Zaim and Glessner plan to continue engaging with local and global tech communities, emphasizing the importance of community work, sharing passion, and inspiring others. They encourage others, regardless of whether they are MVPs, to support future tech leaders by sharing technical knowledge and experiences.