Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 - Review
Nov 8, 2022 12:00 AM

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 - Review

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We look at the brand new Surface Laptop 5 that just started recently started shipping.

In this Video

0:00 Introduction

0:22 Unboxing

0:32 Exterior

0:49 Size and weight

1:18 Ports

2:30 Screen

3:18 Microphones

3:39 Dolby Vision IQ

3:55 Windows Hello

4:05 Webcam

4:20 Keyboard and trackpad

4:43 Intel Core i5 and i7 EVO processor

5:29 Intel Iris Xe Graphics

5:50 Memory and storage

6:08 Speakers

6:25 Windows 11

6:35 Wrap up

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The old adage goes that if something ain't broke, don't fix it. Now while that's often sage advice, obviously there's a limit to how long you can keep something going — especially a gadget

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Review

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