Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2022 - Part 1
Oct 3, 2022 6:00 AM

Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2022 - Part 1

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If you didn't get to go to the Microsoft Power Platform Conference in Orlando - watch this to get the vibe by Scott Durow

In this Video

0:00 Hotel

0:57 Pre-conference day morning summary

3:04 Hotel room

3:46 Conference Day 1

5:12 Registration

5:59 Heather's keynote

6:26 Charles' keynote

6:43 Heather's Keynote summary

7:07 Charles' keynote summary

9:19 Jeff Tepner's keynote

11:03 Chris McNulty's keynote

11:25 Dian Taylor's session on PVA

12:02 Chris Huntingford and Carl Cookson's session on Governance

13:07 Luise Freese's session on the Creator Kit

14:07 Kartik Kanakasabesan & Nalini Mehta's session on Azure and Power Platform better together

15:25 Per Mikkelsen & Chris Baldwin's session on pro-code tools

18:25 Expo hall

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